Festive Season Safety Tips from ‘The Great One’

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2 September 2016

Receptionist - Thembi 'The Great One'

After this weekend, some Capetonians might be going on vacation to other parts of the world but this simultaneously means an influx of travelers coming to the beautiful Mother City. Our tourism-maestro, Cape Town born and bred receptionist, Thembi shares some important tips to keep in mind this festive season as the city brightens up with good times.
– If you’re driving, please find a secured parking lot with a 24-hour surveillance. Also don’t leave valuable stuff visible to by-passers.
– When walking around, put your cellphone, wallet and other stuff only in your front pockets, never in your back. – Rather use ATMs inside the banks than the ones randomly placed in the city and try carry less money with you, all the time.
– Valuables like cellphones should be left home when going out clubbing. If necessary, use the small cheap phones when going out.
– Go out with a group at night, not alone. Only use the busy streets of the City and not deserted or dark areas.
– People will randomly come up to you with sad stories, begging for money. Don’t fall for it, walk away and try ignore them.
– Don’t entertain sex workers – sometimes they will go as far as saying you slept with them without paying. So the best bet is showing no interest.
– For tracking purposes, always use a cab taxi called by the hostel reception. We don’t charge for the call and it’s way safer than just getting into a cab you find on the streets.
– When looking for directions, only ask hostel reception and the patrol guards (with green and black uniform written CCID).
– Be responsible. Don’t do something you wouldn’t do when back home and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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