10 Tips on being a Responsible Traveler in South Africa

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26 January 2017
12 April 2017

HomeBase Cape Town Backpackers

– Use water sparingly. Tap water is safe to drink in most parts of South Africa. Keep a bottle and refill it instead of buying water.
– Souvenirs are cheap in South Africa. Try not to bargain to a too low a price, sellers need to earn a living too.
– Remove excess packaging before going into rural areas. Disposing waste can be difficult.
– When it’s easy and convenient, walk or cycle instead of driving to where you want to get to.
– Buy local, hire local guides and stay in locally owned accommodations. The money you spend stays in the community.
– South Africa has recently had electricity supply issues. Switch off lights and air-conditioning when you go out.
– The minimum tip for good service is 10%. You can choose not to tip for bad service, but let them know why.
– It is illegal for foreigners to buy ivory in South Africa. Also don’t support activities where animals are trained to do things that have no basis in their natural behavior.
– Be social and get to know the people in South Africa. Learn a few words of the local languages and use them.
– Be respectful of people’s privacy,on a township tour ask permission before you take a photo.
– Have fun. Enjoy South Africa and create memories you’ll never forget.
(These tips were originally published by Alternative Route / Image by HomeBase Cape Town Backpackers)

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    How much does the safari costs. How to book it.

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